Curses on my lips

I’ve been told I curse a fucking lot, which I’m actually ok with, because I don’t generally give a shit. The people  who are offended by it are usually the folks that I don’t want around me anyway, and the rest of the crazy fuckers who hang around know that they’re getting the uncensored version of me, so everyone wins.

Well, except for those who are offended, because fuck them.

What I really enjoy though is this : the thought that a sound can offend someone. Sure, it’s a sound that’s attached to a “vulgar” idea. When I say “fuck” people’s brains reference whatever cultural bullshit they use to filter the world and go “oh, he’s cussing.” Some people shy away, others realize “hey, he’s ok with the vulgar language.” Fuck yes I am.

Sometimes people’s criticism is “that’s unprofessional,” but here’s my beef with that : I don’t cuss at work, except sometimes behind closed doors when we’re talking about some process or our goddamn software. Some folks at work actually think I’m the paragon of tact and diplomacy (boy have I got them fooled.) I don’t cuss around people’s parents (especially my own) unless their parents are close friends of mine too. As I said, I cuss because I like showing the raw, unfiltered, no bullshit self. “Unprofessional?” Yes, but why would I always want to act like I’m on the fucking clock?

I was recently told that I should end blog posts with a question that readers can answer, so they can feel like they’re involved instead of “sprayed at” (oh, the metaphors). Not that I have “regular” readers, or even more than 1 reader, but I should at least pretend like this is a “real” blog, so here’s my question :

What the fuck?


About benjamininn

About myself are papers, lots of tea, computer monitors, a stapler, pens, an ancient phone, more tea, some paperclips, and a lot of air.
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