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What is wuxia? Part 1

At DFWcon this year, when I approached agents and told them what my genre was, I got a surprising amount of push back in the form of “well I don’t know how to categorize it.” This, I assume, is due … Continue reading

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Choose “fight”

I’ve been waffling on making this post, because by nature it’s gonna be political, and I know a lot of folks have been conditioned to cut people out of their lives if they don’t agree with them politically. I’m not … Continue reading

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When good advice is actually bad advice

I know my last post was about putting paint on something old to call it something new, and I have a post or two more on that subject, but as NaNoWriMo ended recently, I’ve seen a few things that bothered … Continue reading

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He lives! (kind of) and some notes about MR

I’m not dead, I just haven’t gotten around to posting in a while. My endurance is better than my stamina, I promise. That being said, I didn’t want to make a series of posts that said little more than “here’s … Continue reading

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Unrealistic goals

A few months ago I made a post about collaboration on a short story for a contest. Because I haven’t mentioned it since then, some folks think that it quietly went away and I moved on to do other things. Nothing … Continue reading

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Show 2014 no mercy

In the wake of the new year, I saw a lot of people saying the equivalent of “2013 sucked a lot.” While the whimsy of fate can really be a downer, I’d like to point out that we have a … Continue reading

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It’s only victory if you let it be

Yep, you read that title right. Usually you hear “it’s only defeat if you let it be,” but today I’m changing it up, because people are too often concerned with “NOT LOSING,” that they might miss the point of winning. I’m … Continue reading

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