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Enjoy the tea

Scene : Meizhou Island, Fujian. December. Low season for tourism on the island. Stinky and I had just gotten off the ferry and made it to the hotel, where we were waiting for someone to pick us up & take … Continue reading

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Shootings, WCNV, diversity, & you

So Orlando happened. And immediately people started pointing fingers at all sorts of stuff – gun control, Muslims, political correctness, Christians, etc. Some of this was people tapping into their own rage & pain, some was people being defensive, some was … Continue reading

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Artifacts of an older era

A while back I made a post about going to China & Taiwan, and a little of the history of the two countries. I might’ve been able to skip that post and just jump to this one, but that one … Continue reading

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“China is here, Mr. Burton”

Yeah it’s been a while. Yeah I’m a terrible blogger. Where have I been? Well for one, China. Stinky and I got visas and took a big long 3 week trip, hitting Taiwan, Guangzhou, Guilin, Yangshuo, and Sanya. Lots to … Continue reading

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Last week my writing buddy Russ posted a link to a writing contest – http://wuxia.genreverse.com/ the objective of which was to write a wuxia story. For those of you who don’t know, wuxia is a sort of genre out of … Continue reading

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A jaunt through idyllic memory land

When I tell folks in Texas that I’m from Hawaii, they often give me funny looks and ask, “Well what the hell are you doin’ here?” Instead of getting into the historical specifics of my life and places I’ve lived, … Continue reading

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With luck, I’ll be traveling to another realm this weekend – Big Sur. Henry Miller, author of “Tropic of Cancer” and “Tropic of Capricorn” (among others) lived here and had his ashes scattered here, and my favorite, Kerouac, was inspired … Continue reading

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